2 Lucky Winning Tickets For The OZ Powerball Jackpot Prize

Have you bought an Australian Powerball ticket? The OZ Powerball lottery offers eight prize categories. You can win the jackpot if the six main numbers and the Powerball number in your ticket match the six winning numbers as well as the Powerball drawn. The additional Powerball chosen from a separate machine ranges from 1-20. You can win an amazing prize even with three matching numbers. By just matching the Powerball, you can win several prizes including the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 8th category prizes.

If you played the Powerball Thursday draw for 16th April, you can check out the results now. The jackpot prize has been won by two lucky winners. The astounding jackpot prize was worth $6 Million. If you want to know whether the lucky winning ticket was yours, check the winning numbers and claim your prize. 5 winners bagged the second prize. Each would be getting a humungous prize worth $251,055.75.

Now is the time to know whether destiny supported you or not. The OZ Powerball Results dated 23rd April 2015 are as follows:

The main winning numbers: 06, 08, 18, 25, 27, 29

The Powerball number: 02

The jackpot prize: $ 6 Million

In case you want to know what each winner won in different prize category, you can view the following table.

Dividend Prize Pool Winners Prize Amount
Division 1
6 winning numbers + the Powerball
6000000.00 2 3000000.00
Division 2
6 winning numbers
251055.75 5 50211.15
Division 3
5 winning numbers + the Powerball
262644.00 48 5471.75
Division 4
5 winning numbers
146783.00 910 161.30
Division 5
4 winning numbers + the Powerball
112038.00 1704 65.75
Division 6
3 winning numbers + the Powerball
977364.25 24901 39.25
Division 7
4 winning numbers
876480.00 35200 24.90
Division 8
2 winning numbers + the Powerball
2009215.10 141994 14.15

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