Billions ways of playing the lottery online

Billions ways of playing the lottery online

Billions ways of playing the lottery onlineBillions ways of playing the lottery online.They say, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.”  So if you want to win money online, you have quite a few ways in which you can go about it. With literally millions of new ‘gamblers’ preferring online entertainment, due to its quick and easy accessibility, it’s no wonder there are so many various ways to  play online and win .

For thousands of years, playing a game of chance has been a popular pastime for people who love playing their favorite casino games, pokies, keno, bingo, scratch cards, mah-jong, sports betting, and of course lotteries.

Let’s take a closer look at the various geographical preferences of those who love the thrill of winning:

The United States
Players in the US without a doubt prefer playing the lotteries online. It’s no surprise though, as both the Powerball lottery and the Mega Millions USA lotto game have caused huge excitement with record-breaking jackpots.

Playing games of chance has taken place since the second half of 19th century in the USA. It’s not just the lottery that the American players love to dabble in, they also like sports betting and various types of online roulette and blackjack.

Chinese players love everything. It’s a nations that absolutely consumes everything that has to do with gambling. Whether its table games, scratch cards, slots, horse racing, poker, keno, bingo, they love it.
if you think Chinese players loved gambling, then you might be surprised to find out that Kuala Lumpur has been the capital of gambling in South-eastern Asia for over fifty years. When it came to playing online, the Malaysians quickly switched to online gambling.  With no restrictions on online gambling in this country players have more than enough to keep themselves busy.

Think of Russia and you think of slot machines. From Classic Slot Machines, Bonus Slot Machines, Fruit Machines, Progressive Slot Machines, Loyalty Slot Machines, Multipayline Machines, etc. Online casinos, who provide services for Russian gamblers, pocket more than 20 billion dollars yearly.

Types of players worldwide
Now that we know the preferences, let’s take a look at actual players:
Professional players – Poker stars such as Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu are prime examples of people who make a living by gambling. Professional players prefer to play games that use skill instead of luck. They also have nerves of steel.

Social players
– These players are super friendly and they take a chance on various games of chance purely as a recreational purpose. They love being part of the action, but don’t take it too seriously at all. As they don’t like to play in a group, or with someone else, they tend to play the lottery online, or slots.

Serious social players – These players spend most of the time in Casino’s, as not only do they like to socialize with like-minded people, they also take their betting quite seriously. Let it be said though, that even though they are serious players, they never forget about their family and work.

Compulsive players – There’s always a bad apple, and it’s the compulsive players. They are regular players that never know when it’s time to stop. Compulsive gamblers must undergo serious treatment.

Globalization refers to the integration of economics and societies all over the world. Computers, cell phones, and the internet have brought about major changes in world communications and it is because of this globalization that companies are able to offer their customers better products at the touch of a button. So, take a trip around the globe and play the world’s biggest international lotto games,

Don’t deprive yourself – play the lottery online and get you will not only be able to win millions, but you will receive tailor made offers especially suited to your unique gaming preference!

Best of luck!




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Tax drives swops car to Ferrari after winning

Tax drives swops car to Ferrari after winning

Tax drives swops car to Ferrari after winningTax drives swops car to Ferrari after winning.Amo Riselli, 50, had an amazing Christmas after winning the lottery. Not only is he planning to swop his cab for a Ferrari, he also wants to upgrade his £110,000 terraced home for a large four-bedroomed property with a swimming pool. After all that, it’s Viva Las Vegas for a trip of a life-time!

Mr Riselli, from Gloucester, won the jackpot even though he didn’t have all six numbers in the must-be-won draw. With no ticket holder having the full set to scoop the top prize on the lottery, the jackpot rolled down the next person who had matched five numbers and the bonus ball.

The Winning Euphoria
the latest lottery jackpot winner is a father-of-five, whose parents are originally from Italy. He said that he loves to play the UK Lottery and always purchases at least three lines for the Wednesday and Saturday draws.
It’s a good thing he did as he’s dedication to the lotto game proved extremely lucrative when he eventually double checked the lottery tickets at his local shop.

After checking the lottery tickets, and thinking that he had won £240,000, he ran next door to his sister Lisa’s hair salon and excitedly told her the news.
He said: “I try to get my tickets checked in the same shop and I have always said: ‘One day this machine is going to start smoking red hot because I will have hit the big one.’
“I can’t believe that it’s actually happened to me for real! I then called my brother Marco. I was shaking like a leaf and I told him I’d won £240k.
“He said he didn’t understand how that could be as he’d already checked his own ticket and didn’t remember that winning amount.
“He asked what numbers I’d got and when I told him he cried: ‘You’ve won the whole jackpot of £24 million.’
“It’s an amazing feeling and I’m absolutely over the moon.”

Gathering his family (including his mum Maria, 80) in the living room, Mr Riselli rang Camelot to confirm his win.
Up until the time where Riselli could go into the lottery offices, he said that he kept the lottery ticket in a glass jar in the cupboard and regularly checked to make sure it was still there.
Riselli told lottery officials when claiming his prize that he has decided to retire and host a big bash for all his taxi colleagues.
“I will miss all my friends at work as we really have a laugh together, but I’ve decided I’m going to retire – just because now I can,” he said.
He continued saying that he will be hosting a huge thank-you party for all his colleagues from the Grosvenor taxi rank, where he was self-employed for 12 years.

He also really wants to upgrade his home to a four-bedroomed home with a swimming pool in the Gloucester are, where he’s always lived.
Once that’s been accomplished he wants to go on his dream vacation to Las Vegas. More than anything though, he said that he wants to have a great time with his family.
Unlike most lottery players, who have won the jackpot, Riselli said, “I’m not going to play the lottery any more, as I’ve already conquered that ‘big win’ – it is someone else’s turn now,” he said.
“I may now be a multi-millionaire but I am still the same normal person I always was, just with a bit more loose change in my pocket.”
Riselli wasn’t the only taxi driver however to win big on the National lottery. Transgender Melissa Ede, 57 also won £4 million on a scratch card.
Unfortunately, Melissa’s family unit isn’t as tight as the Riselli’s, as she has had a difficult path with her children over the years.
She said: “The transgender fight to where I am now has been a difficult path. I received my operation almost seven years ago and I am really proud of who I am today.

She continued saying, “It’s brilliant I’ve won this £4m but, as I said, I don’t want fake love because I have got money,” Melissa said.
“I now want to help others in similar situations and believe my autobiography will do just this. What a fairy-tale ending. It is all just like a dream.”
On New Year’s Eve she teased her social media followers with the words: “As 2017 comes to an end I would just love to say, you really haven’t seen nothing yet.”

She added: “I will prove the impossible is actually possible. Stay tuned.”
Play the lottery online

if you would like to have the same experience of shock and awe as you see six zeros on your ticket, then stay where you are!
Never again miss a huge jackpot draw as you can play from home or your office space, or anywhere really as long as you have an internet connection.  Never worry about hiding your lottery tickets, as all transactions online allow you to easily refer back to your lottery transaction history or the lottery results at any time and see if you are a winner.
In the event that you have won – you will definitely be the first to know, as an automatic results mailer will be sent you your inbox immediately after the draw. The email is clear and concise, giving you the latest wining numbers and also reflecting any matches you may have, plus the amount won.
Register to play the lottery online today – its super easy, fast and in a matter of minutes you will have the world of online lottery excitement at your fingertips, giving you access to the world’s biggest international lotto games!
Play online today and you could stand the chance of joining the ranks of the rich and famous very soon.

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Tips to help you choose you lottery web

Tips to help you choose you lottery web

Tips to help you choose you lottery webTips to help you choose you lottery web.If you have been thinking of taking your first steps in playing the world’s biggest international lotto games online and you want to learn about the fun that awaits you, then we suggest you being here as there are a vast number of online lottery websites providing the opportunity to play online. Find out how to distinguish a legitimate and secure online lotto site to that of a fictitious, or simply a scam site.

What you should check for:

Is the lottery website licensed – Before looking at the jackpot sizes, good creative and content, you should first check if the site is licensed.

Read the fine print

No matter how boring this may be, you need to read though the Terms and Conditions. Most online lottery websites have a link on the FAQ page, the Privacy Policy page, or the Terms and Condition page.

The website interface – It’s an old saying, but a “picture says a thousand words.” A good interface cannot be made in a hurry and it most definitely doesn’t come cheap.


Very important! This in an area where most prospective online lottery players do not venture into, and yet it’s so simple. Check if the domain is registered, is it protected by Google safe browsing, and does it have antivirus software etc.

Browse the web!

The easiest way to double check an online lottery website is to browse the web, and read opinions about the lottery agents.


A legitimate online lottery website will invest in a good content strategy for SEO purposes and to inform players on the latest lottery news from around the world and their own lottery announcements. Under these blog posts, you will be able to read an array of comments made from registered players on the site, giving you a whole host of reviews about the website. Customer feedback is gold!

Social media presence

Double check if the site has a social media presence. They should! This is also another brilliant way in which to double check customer feedback, enabling you to enjoy the lottery experience to the fullest. The upside to a social media presence, via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is that you will be able to partake in their array of fun lotto giveaways at the same time!

More than just a lottery

So you’ve purchased your Powerball lotto ticket, or UK Lottery ticket for the next available draw– now what? Play an instant win game of course! Why wait for the draw to take place, when you can win instant cash prizes right now? The internet’s come a long way, so legit online lottery sites should be able to offer registered players the chance to play not just the lottery, but a whole host of other games like scratch cards, instant win games, Keno, and an assortment of international raffles at the same time.

What to Consider When Choosing a Lottery

When it comes to choosing which lottery to play, online lottery players have a wealth of choice – from regional and national lotteries to overseas lotteries PLUS instant win scratch cards and raffles.  Its important online lottery players however understand these products before picking a game. Legit lottery websites will have detailed pages dedicated to each of their products available.

Instant Win Games

Online lottery players who lack the patience to wait to see if their lucky lottery numbers have come up in the next weekly draw might therefore prefer instant win games, as they provide instant gratification.

Leading online lottery websites should have these fun and highly lucrative instant win games that users can play when entering their weekly lottery draws – because there’s absolutely no reason to choose between the two!

Jackpot Size

Jackpot size is really what playing the lottery online all is about. Jackpots amounts vary significantly between lotteries. We just have to take a quick look at the various international lotto games example at home page to see the Powerball at $373 million, EuroMillions at €28 million, EuroJackpot at €68 million, and FranceLoto at €6million, to name just a few.

Online lottery players also need to take into consideration by how much each of these lotto games vary depending on rollovers. While some lotteries climb steadily, there are those that climb to extremely high amounts and can on occasion even jump higher depending on the amount of ticket sales during a jackpot frenzy.
The emergence of online lottery concierge services over the years has dramatically increased the size of the market as more and more lottery enthusiasts now have the opportunity to partake in the world’s biggest international lotto games not previously available to them.

When choosing a lottery product, you might consider buying lottery tickets online through a concierge to gain access to foreign lotteries with larger (and more tempting) jackpots.

Odds of Winning and Prize Tiers

Winning the jackpot however isn’t as easy as it may sound, so even though a lotto game might catch you eye with its large prize just waiting to be won, you need to also take into account the odds of hitting the jackpot in a major lottery – which are rather slim.

Here’s where a lotto strategy comes into play. While it’s absolutely justifiable to play the big lotto jackpots (you have to be in to win it) you should also take the smaller lotto games into consideration, as the odds are better and they might have more prize tiers.

As you may have noticed by now, most lotto games have a degree of similarity in that players select a core line of numbers and sometimes one or two bonus balls. Once combined they make up the set amount of lottery winning numbers required to win the jackpot.

However, not all lotteries are created equal in terms of mechanics and odds. For example:


Players select 6 numbers out of 90 (and an extra Super Star number), making the odds of hitting the jackpot an unlikely 1 in 622,614,630.

UK Lottery

In the UK’s Lotto, players select 6 numbers out of 59, with a bonus ball in the mix. Odds of winning the top prize (match 6 numbers) are 1 in 13,983,816.

As you can see the UK Lottery comes in with better odds than that of the European lotto games. Then again its jackpot amounts are quite significantly lower.

Quick Picks

If you want to play the lottery but you couldn’t be bothered with all the rigmarole of jackpot amounts, odds, prize tiers, and strategies of all things, then buy a Quickpick (computer-generated random numbers) and leave it all up to Lady Luck!

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