4 family generations birthday wins the lottery

4 family generations birthday wins the lottery

 4 family generations birthday wins the lottery 4 family generations birthday wins the lottery .The Mega Millions lottery offices had four generations come in to claim their win this week, after a lucky grandfather and his wife travelled from their hometown in West Virginia into Maryland to play their family’s birth dates on the Mega Millions lottery on June 12th.

After playing the Mega Millions for quite some time, the lucky pair finally bagged a substantial win when four out of the five winning Mega Millions numbers matched various family birth dates played.

Speaking to lottery officials the couple said that it’s the great-grandfather that plays the lottery the most, and even when she buys Mega Millions lottery tickets, it’s he who chooses the lucky Mega Millions lottery numbers.

“He plays every week,” said the great-grandmother, adding that it is often she and her daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter who travel to Baltimore to buy tickets and claim their prizes.

It’s not just the Mega Millions lottery that the family love to play, the Powerball also gets its fair share of attention, according to his wife, although they have only ever won small prizes between $2 and $10.

“He says he wants to win big for me in case anything happens to him,” she said of her husband, adding that they plan to spend their $10,710 Mega Millions prize wisely.

When asked what they would do with their Mega Millions prize money, the happy grandfather said they plan on buying a new refrigerator and a set of tyres for her car.

Lots of lottery players use family birthdays as their number selections on tickets, including another recent Maryland winner who took home $50,000 on the Powerball lottery thanks to her choice of family birthdays.

The Delaware man, who opted to keep his identity private, told lottery officials that he always uses the date of his birthday and his age, paired with random numbers to fill in the rest. He’s ticket ended up winning a $50,000 Powerball prize.

Lottery players who won ON their birthday

Our birthdays tend to be the most exciting day of the year and many of us end by making a wish to become millionaires after blowing out our candles. It’s an innocent dream no one really expects to come true, but for a couple of lotto players it actually did:

Diana De Gilio will remember her 70th birthday for many things – a wonderful trip to the UK, time spent with her good friend and a £1,000,000 EuroMillions lottery win.

“My mother’s family is from the UK and I have plenty of family and friends here so I have a strong affection for the UK, I have to say, this win has made that affection even stronger,” said the lucky New Zealand woman after collecting her windfall.

De Gilio’s bucket list included many things, from things we hear often like a new car and a house, to the small and simple ones like new glasses and new teeth. Her biggest wish, though, was to travel all around the world – from Bali and Lombok to Patagonia and Canada.

Lottery tickets aren’t exactly a thing every girl wishes to get as a birthday present from their dad, but for Deisi Ocampo they turned out to be the best gift ever.

The 19-year-old ended up winning $4,000,000 with one of the scratch-offs her father gave her.

“When I told my dad I won he asked, ‘How much? $500?’ and I said, ‘No, Dad, $4,000,000!’”

If your birthday’s coming up soon, try your luck with Mega Millions and you could get the best present ever in the form of a dazzling $118 million jackpot this Friday!


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Top four lotto winner secret


top-winners Top four lotto winner secret .Many of the greatest successful people in our world started off with huge disadvantages in life but made the most of their talent.

So here’s how you can climb the lottery tree to achieve even more than you dreamed, no matter where you started in life:

  1. Have a Goal

As lottery players, our obvious goal is to win the jackpot. That’s what every lottery player aims for.

  1. Create Priorities

Have a clear goal. There are always distractions to pull you away from the important jobs. If you have cars to polish, admire and use, but every hour spent with them or the polish bottle means less time on the important issue of income.

So I make winning the lottery my top priority… everything else comes second.

It takes real guts to figure out what your priority is, and then work on it. You must get down to your local lottery shop and play your tickets. Don’t let anything come between you and your top priority of winning.

  1. Take Action

Everything you do must be Action related.

Don’t you have to get down to the lotto store to play? Don’t take it easy. Take action in everything you do!

  1. Do It Now has been the most powerful influence in my life.

And the best thing is that i gives you a terrific feeling of accomplishment. There is nothing hanging over you. Your life becomes easier and more relaxed.

Whatever you choose to do… Do It Now!


  1. Goals
  2. Priority
  3. Action
  4. Do It Now

And this is what you get: Play the lottery right now and win big.


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The lotto winner who help stray the animals

The lotto winner who help stray the animals

The lotto winner who help stray the animalsThe lotto winner who help stray the animals.Today I will be sharing a story of a lottery winner who helped stray animals. A lucky lotto player who won a whopping $1.000.000 in Auckland will now have the ability to do what makes her happy – helping stray animals find new homes.

As we’ve seen over the years, lottery players love to spend their new found wealth on good causes, like Kelsey Zachow, the 24-year-old Mega Millions jackpot winner who won a massive $66 million. Kelsey went on to open a no-kill animal shelter.

The latest lottery winner matched the winning numbers 1, 12, 15, 20, 29 and 32 in New Zealand’s Lotto drawing on April 27th.
She claimed her $1.000.000 prize a few days later and took the option to remain anonymous as she claimed it.

She did however tell lottery officials that she simply purchased the winning lotto ticket on a whim and was very surprised to discover how fortunate her decision turned out to be.

“As I was leaving the store I saw that the Lotto counter was still open and thought I might as well grab a ticket – you never know, right?” explained the Auckland resident.

She only realized that she had in fact won, while getting ready for work the next day. She read in the paper that the winning ticket had been sold at Pak N Save Ormiston in Flat Bush, Auckland – the same store where she purchased hers.

She immediately double checked your lottery ticket. She had to check several times and still she “couldn’t believe her eyes” when she saw all her numbers matched.

The woman will use the money to pay off her mortgage and go on a holiday, but some of it will go towards helping her local community.

“I love animals and do all I can to help them – I foster kittens, feed strays and find homes for as many as possible. This prize means I’ll be able to do even more, I’m absolutely thrilled,” said the noble millionaire.

If there’s one thing better than people who give of themselves, it’s people who give of what’s been given to them. Did you your, that as a lottery player you are already contributing to charity by simply purchasing a lottery ticket.

Many people dream of giving on a really big scale, the kind of scale they could only reach with a huge lottery jackpot win!


Play the lottery right now and right here!




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