Three Lotto winners who predicted their winnings

Three Lotto winners who predicted their winnings

Three Lotto winners who predicted their winningsNow we all know there are a lot of different ways to pick your lottery numbers, from trusting a lucky dip to using special dates like birthdays and anniversaries. But of all the many ways to choose your lottery numbers, by far the most interesting (and perhaps the most successful) is to take inspiration from dreams and premonitions. The lottery players featured in this article all either chose their numbers or predicted their lotto wins in dreams, and they all subsequently landed massive jackpot wins. Have a look below and get dreaming!

The Canadian dreamer who just won €3.8 million

Back in 1989, Olga Beno of Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia had a vivid dream featuring a particular set of lottery numbers. The Canadian took the vision to heart, and started regularly playing with the numbers which had emerged from her subconscious.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened for the best part of three decades – Beno played plenty of lottery lines and presumably scored some small wins along the way, but those dream numbers never paid off in a major way.

Until now, that is! In January 2017, after decades of trying, Olga’s numbers were finally called, making her the winner of a gigantic Atlantic Lottery jackpot prize. Olga was one of two winning players to claim a bumper jackpot worth €3.8 million.

She told the Atlantic Lottery: “I know my numbers by heart, and I thought I saw them on the television screen the evening after the draw, but my eyes aren’t good. So I forgot about it.”

It wasn’t until Olga leafed through a newspaper the following day that she saw her numbers again and finally realized she was a winner.

“At first I thought – it can’t be. It’s a mistake in the paper. Then I said to my sister, ‘I think I won the lottery’.

“She said ‘Phone me back when you want to tell me the truth’.”

Olga’s huge lottery win could not have come at a better time. A long-term cancer-sufferer, the grandmother had recently found herself compelled to sell her family home in order to keep up with payments for her own ongoing medical treatment.

Now, with her lottery winnings behind her, Olga can move on from her financial hardships. She has said she now plans to take her husband, children and grandchildren on a trip to Disney World.

The English lotto winner who heard about her win from her dead brother

Times were hard for Deana Sampson, back in 1998. The mother-of-two from Sheffield, England was mourning the recent death of her brother, and to make matters worse she had just £7.64 in the bank. Things could only get better.

Thankfully, they did! Deana had always been a regular UK National Lottery player – and her persistence paid off one a Wednesday night when her numbers were called and she won a jackpot worth approximately €6.3 million.

This in itself was clearly a remarkable occurrence, but there was something especially strange about Deana’s win. Amazingly, on the Wednesday previous to her winning draw, Deana’s brother appeared to her in a dream and told her she was going to win the jackpot – four months after his death. She told The Mirror newspaper:

“I do believe someone up there was telling me something good was going to happen.”

She went on to describe the incredible feeling of finding out she’d won the top prize:

“First of all it’s pure shock – it’s not someone you’ve read about, it’s you. Then you panic – how will you deal with it?

“Then you feel relief that you can pay bills, pay off debts. Finally happiness came because I could help family and friends and make their lives easier, especially my mum and dad.”

The senior citizen who doubled her winning share thanks to a dream

Torontonian lottery winner 86-year-old Mary Woolens was always destined to be a winner in the Ontario Lottery draw on September 30th – she had already bought a ticket filled with all the correct winning numbers with a few days to go before the draw. However, there was yet more good fortune in store this remarkable senior citizen!

A few days ahead of her winning draw, Mary dreamt of a lotto ticket and a large cheque. The vision inspired her with such confidence of a winning result that Mary decided to buy another ticket for the draw, to increase her share of any prize money she might win

This turned out to be an outstandingly good decision, as another player had also correctly guessed the winning combination for the draw   Instead of taking home a half share of the CAN$24 million jackpot, Mary took home two thirds, worth a fantastic €11.5 million.

This just goes to show the immense value of dreams, if you truly dream of something never give up!


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Third time lottery winners

Third time lottery winners

Third time lottery winners

Third time lottery winners.A couple from Alberta, Canada have just won the lottery for the third time! Douglas and Barbara Fink landed a jackpot worth $8,163,061.10 Canadian dollars in a Western Canada Lottery draw last month, having already clinched big prizes on two previous occasions.

The Finks’ first big win came in 1984, when they bagged $128,000 as part of a lottery syndicate with some friends. Then, in 2010, the lucky pair won a further $100,000 prize. Last month’s multi-million dollar prize is by far their biggest win to date – and at the rate they’re going at, there may well be an even bigger win still to come!

Mrs Fink told members of the Canadian press that she learned of the family’s remarkable third lotto triumph while her husband was out at work, and that she called him straight away to deliver the news.

“He didn’t answer, so I waited five minutes and tried again. That time, he picked up. I said, ‘I did it again!’

“I knew we had all the numbers, but I didn’t know how many winners there were.

“I called Douglas back before midnight and told him it was more than $8million.”

Now the Finks are even luckier lottery winners than before, the family plans to buy a new home and go on holiday in St Lucia (video below), an Eastern Caribbean island nation famed for its luxury beach resorts and stunning, tapered mountains.

Mr Douglas told reporters:

“Family comes first. We want to make sure that our daughters and our grandkids are looked after.

“Barbara wants a new house, so she’ll get one,” he told the lottery’s organisers.

The Finks’ winning numbers were 921252631 and 41. Another winning ticket-holder in Ontario won an equal $8,163,061.10 share of the jackpot fund, which totalled approximately $16.3-million.

Multiple lottery wins: how often does it happen?

To win a major lottery prize multiple times in your life is exceptionally rare, but we do see some cases of players winning big prizes on two or more occasions.

Take Joan Grinther, a Texan player who won four $2 million jackpots in under 20 years for example. First came a Lotto Texas win worth $5.4 million in 1993, then three scratch card wins in 2006, 2008 and 2010, worth $2 million, $3 million and $10 million respectively.

Repeat wins at that kind of level simply aren’t meant to happen – so we’d love to know this remarkable winner’s secret! Some people have speculated that Grinther may have cheated, or even that she has devised a secret method for predicting lottery results.

Interestingly, winning streaks seem to occur most commonly in the United States. Another pair of repeat winners, Angelo and Maria Gallini from Belmont, California, won two big prizes on the same day back in 2002 – one jackpot worth $17 million and another major windfall of $126,000. Their secret? Commitment. Mr Gallini revealed he had been spending $20 a day on lottery tickets every day from 1985 till the day of his double win. In total, he’d spent about $125,000 in his quest for lotto riches.

The Gallinis’ story indirectly tells us something about why former lottery winners are relatively likely to win again in the future. Their success stemmed from their willingness to spend big on tickets – and lottery winners are clearly more motivated and able to do exactly that than the average person. They know how richly lotteries can pay off, and they have the money to buy the tickets.

This offers a highly plausible explanation for the Finks’ triple win and Joan Grinther’s extraordinary quadruple success: they probably all bought tickets at an unusually high rate following their initial wins.

Winning big doesn’t mean you should stop playing lotto

Back in 2015 we interviewed one of our big lotto winners for an article on our blog – and our lucky winner told us, “I’ve always played lotto just for fun – I never really expected to win this much money – so I’ll definitely keep playing!” Far from removing the reason to keep playing lottery, winning a major prize clearly just makes it easier and perhaps even more attractive to carry on buying tickets.

Even if you don’t buy tickets in large quantities for every draw, consistently playing at least one line in your chosen lottery will give you a greatly elevated chance of winning over a long period of time. The player who buys one line every week for 50 years has a 2,500+ times better chance of winning a jackpot than somebody who plays just once.

Enjoy The story!

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He won $ 1 Million weeks after losing his job

He won $ 1 Million weeks after losing his job

He won $ 1 Million weeks after losing his job

He won $ 1 Million weeks after losing his job.Whenever a person wins $1 million in a lottery draw, there are so many reasons to celebrate. But when you’re having a tough time financially, the sense of relief and happiness you feel must be on another level.

One man who knows exactly how that feels would be the Australian lottery player who last month bagged a seven-figure jackpot just weeks after losing his job. The anonymous winner, from Perth, Western Australia, had been made redundant from his job in March. Within a month, he had claimed a division 1, $1 million Australian dollar prize in a Lottowest lottery draw.

He told members of the Australian media, “I can stop working on all those hundreds of job applications .I’m certainly in no rush now.”

The lucky winner said the win came after 15 years of consistently buying lottery tickets – just one of many examples we’ve read recently that proves dedication can pay off handsomely when it comes to playing lotto.

Incredibly, the same store where the winner bought his ticket – a Lucky Strike shop in the suburb of Karawara, Perth – has sold several other big-money-winning tickets over recent years. The store’s owner, Mike Casey, told reporters his business had sold over eight top level winning tickets since 2001, with a combined prize vale of roughly $37 million Australian dollars.

“In 2007 we actually made history for selling the winning $30 million OZ Lotto ticket.

“Back then it was the highest Lotto win that Western Australia had ever seen.”

When questioned on whether his winning customers had a common strategy, Casey simply said, “They took a chance and purchased a ticket.

“It’s also important to remember that when you don’t have a win you’re still contributing to the things that make Australia great.”


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