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Introducing a New Age of Online Lotto Ticket Purchasing

Created with the player in mind

Our user-friendly software and reliable courier service ensures that the world’s biggest lotteries are fully accessible. Our priority is to implement systems that make the online lotto experience convenient for our customers.

Evolving from classic features, our advanced technology has been designed to create hours of unparalleled entertainment. We offer reliable customer support plus a wide variety of payment methods for players all over the world. Every player who has won through PLAYLOTTOWORLD has been paid-out* timeously and without question. Our exemplary track record endorses that we are the site you can trust.

Our extensive research ensures that we deliver according to our customers’ and partners’ requirements. As a result, our user interface is seamless, user-friendly and safe, with a personal log of activities available on the website.

CONTACT US with any questions, queries and suggestions. Response rate is 1 – 6 hours to all communication.


  • We have an extensive network of lotto ticket couriers in nominated locations.
  • The biggest jackpots in the world, offering a fantastic selection of lottery games.
  • Up-to-date and user-friendly software introducing extra playing features.
  • Customer support 24/7 – with a 1-4 hour email response rate.
  • 10 easy-to-use, secure and localised payment and withdrawal methods.
  • Transactions appear on card statements as Plworld, Pearl Betting or PlayLottoWorld.
  • Payment options and support communication is available in most languages.
  • Secure model for ticket handling and ownership.


Couriers must sign a contract establishing ticket ownership, chain of custody of online tickets and an explanation of the procedure for the purchase of tickets. A stringent auditing system links tickets to each order processed, thus creating a secure model for ticket handling and ownership.

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Guaranteed Payment of Winnings

The full value of any and all prizes won is guaranteed. This amount is shown in the final statement in the method nominated by the customer, ie cheque, bank draft or money order. Some countries offer a Direct Deposit into bank accounts.