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Religion vs the lottery

They say that there are two things that you never discuss around a meal and that is religion and politics because it normally ends up in a fight with good friends becoming bad friends, so when is it a good time to discuss whether you should play lotto if . . .

How the lottery saved Bruno

A  lotto story that really warm the cockles of your heart has to do with a three year dog that had lost one if its hind legs after being hit by a car and after a number of failed surgeries the leg had to be amputated. For this three year old staffie n. . .

United Kingdoms youngest lottery winner

Jane Park won £1million at the tender age of 17 years old in the UK. After announcing to the public her blessing of winning £1million on the lotto, she didn’t get a warm response from the public. A lot of people questioned how Jane would “waste. . .

Why do people play the lottery?

Millions of people around the world spend their hard earn money on lottery tickets every week, in the hopes of landing those winning numbers, end up in a bundle of money and all their problems go away. People get this image that a mountain of money wil. . .

Lottery trolls

A young women in Australia won a large amount of money on the Oz Lottery but was left sad and alone after making a public announcement saying she’d won and how much. After the public knew of her win she was hounded by the usual money hungry individual b. . .

Mobster ruins lotto winners dream

A very lucky but unlucky person beat the odds and won the lottery but it didn’t end up being a fairy-tale ending. Michael from Boston landed himself in a $14million fortune after being the only person to win the jackpot during the lottery in 1991, wi. . .

The Lottery is a fiery experience

A young man lands himself a cool 75,000.00 euro scratch card win and decides to blow up his house. During spring the young Italian male, who worked at a burger restaurant pulled into a corner shop in his town of Napals on his way home. The lucky youngs. . .

Think before you act after lotto

When Mike checked his lottery news for the winning numbers he found that he had the perfect match,  in all that excitement there was one small detail he did not pick up on, his “winning” ticket numbers were for a draw three days before in the lotto n. . .
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