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PlayLotto Wold Blog

What Does Society Expect From Lottery

You may or may not play lottery. But if you are a member of the society you must be having some sort of expectation with the lottery. Many researchers say that the world is full of players and non players. Different people expect different things out of l. . .

Initiatives To Make Lottery Draw Unbiased

Lottery is an unpredictable game. People love to play these games as they find the lottery to be safe and unbiased. They put in their trust in lottery. It is a huge responsibility for the lottery to maintain this trust that the players offer. The lottery . . .

Winner Goes Missing Again

There are many players who play the lottery games and forget about viewing the results or worse claiming their prizes, if they have won any. These players are tough to find. They may be unaware of their win and thus cannot be contacted easily. Unless play. . .

Are Your Tickets Kept Safely?

Do you know that you may lose your lottery ticket anytime if you do not keep it in someplace safe? Pro and avid players know very well all the tricks to keep their tickets safe. They know that the small piece of paper can be their ticket to win huge jackp. . .

How To Know Whether You Are Playing Responsibly

You play lottery but do you play it in a responsible manner. It is very important that you consider it your responsibility to play smart lottery. In this manner you will never get addicted to the game. The lottery was introduced for the benefit of the soc. . .

Actions To Be Taken In Case You Face A Lottery Scam

Many of us do not know what all criminal offences are taking place every day in the name of lottery. Someone who has played the lottery for quite a long time may still be aware of this horrendous fact but the beginners might not even know that such scams . . .

Where Do You Keep Your Tickets?

This is an interesting question that has been asked to the winners and players every now and then. The answers are as amusing as the question itself. Players gave different yet unique answers that made the researchers laugh. People have found weird reason. . .

Employment In Service Industry

Service industry is very much in demand as it is directly dealing with the customers. There are different places where different types of service industry are available. Now you would think what the connection between lottery and service industry is. Lott. . .
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