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How does it work?
Playlottoworld.com makes it possible for you to participate, on your computer in the comfort of your home/office, in 9 of the biggest and most exciting lotteries in the world. Syndications have been set up for 9 lotteries in a country of your choice. This makes us your 'Syndication Manager' and you a 'Syndication Member'.
How do I place an order for lottery tickets?
This is easy and fun! All you do is click on any of the 'Play' buttons found on every page on our website. This will take you to our user friendly 'Play Zone'. Here you can enter any or all of the 9 massive lotteries that we are syndicated to! For more info please go to our 'How to Play' page.
What are the advantages of using Playlottoworld.com to play my favorite lottery?
1.You can play the lottery online at any time from the comfort of your home or office on your computer. 2. You don't have to be physically present at a lottery retail store to buy a ticket. 3. You can easily fund your 'Member Account' using your credit card. 4. The system will automatically check your chosen numbers and fund your 'Member Account' with your winnings after each and every draw. 5.You can have your winnings transferred to any bank in the world, in the currency of your choice! 6. Our system will automatically send you weekly info mailers notifying you of the up and coming jackpot amounts!
How easy it to play the lottery through Playlottoworld.com?
We have ensured that our website is the most user-friendly on the internet.
How will I be notified of my ticket purchases?
After every ticket purchasing cycle, the system will automatically send a confirmation e-mail with all the entries reflected for that particular session.
Once I subscribe to Playlottoworld.com, will my information be secure?
Absolutely, we go to great lengths to protect your privacy and we would never give your personal information to any 3rd parties. All information about you and your prizes will be secure and strictly confidential.
How do I 'Register'?
Simply click on the 'Register' link on the 'Home Page' and fill in the requirements on the registration form. It is very important to make sure that all your contact details are correct.
How do I checkout and get my order?
Click on the 'Checkout' button. This will be visible every time there is something in your shopping cart. If you have not registered with Playlottoworld.com, you will be asked to 'Register'. Your information will always be kept secure and confidential. Once you have registered with Playlottoworld.com, you will be asked to fund your 'Member Account' using a valid credit card. Once you have successfully funded your 'Member Account', you will be able to click on the 'Checkout' button, and your purchase cycle will begin!
When is the best time to place my order?
Subscriptions requests must be placed at least 4 hours before the actual lottery draw.
Does Playlottoworld.com sell lottery tickets?
Playlottoworld.com does not sell or resell lottery tickets. We act as a syndicate manager, purchasing entries on your behalf.
Does Playlottoworld.com have any ties to any lottery agencies?
Playlottoworld.com or any of its employees are not related directly or indirectly with a lottery commission anywhere in the world.
Does Playlottoworld.com share in the prize money?
In order for Playlottoworld.com to legally enter lotto tickets for our members we have to own a stake in each ticket entered. For this reason we keep and own 1% of all tickets entered.
Does Playlottoworld.com charge any fees for winnings?
In order for Playlottoworld.com to legally enter lotto tickets for our members we have to own a stake in each ticket entered. For this reason we keep and own 1% of all tickets entered.
How are lottery draw results known?
Playlottoworld.com publishes lottery results on our website as soon as possible after the official results are released. You can also check the results on the official websites of each of the lotteries.
How do I know if I won?
Playlottoworld.com monitors all tickets bought by our subscribers and we notify you via e-mail if you win a prize. Ultimately it is the responsibility of each subscriber to check their tickets after each game to see if they have won.
Are lottery results published on Playlottoworld.com?
Yes, lottery results are published on our website or you can visit the official lottery websites for results.
What do I do if I win?
In the case of any win, large or small, the system will automatically send out an e-mail exclaiming: 'Congratulations, you have won a Prize!’, and place your winnings in your 'Member Account’. You can choose to 'Withdraw' your winnings, or in the case of smaller wins, leave it in your 'Member Account' so that you can enter tickets into future draws
What will it cost to have the winnings sent to me?
If you choose to 'Withdraw' your winnings, all you have to pay is the cost of the transfer.
Can I play the US lottery?
Absolutely! If you are over 18 years old you can use our services to buy US lottery tickets. There are no legal restrictions for any individual to play the US lotteries. You do not have to be a US citizen or resident to play.
Do I have to pay taxes if I win a prize?
 Any individual winning a prize of $600 or more in the USA must pay federal and state taxes on the winnings. The percentages vary per state. Taxes are normally retained by the lottery commission before they issue a cheque.
What if I don`t receive my confirmation e-mails?
If you are not receiving our confirmation or info e-mails, it is likely that our e-mails are being flagged as spam. Please check your 'Junk Mail' folders. You may have to 'Allow' e-mails from us in your e-mail system.
Can I choose the numbers I play?
Yes, you can manually select the numbers you want to enter. You can also choose the 'Quick Pick' option, preferred by many lottery members, where the computer randomly selects numbers for you.
How do I know what numbers I`m playing?
Before each lottery draw you will receive an e-mail with the numbers that you have chosen. Please note that you can also check the history of all the tickets that you have entered by clicking on 'Ticket Search' in the 'Members Area' of our website.
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