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PlayLotto Wold Blog

New Multi-State Lottery Game

A new lottery game will be coming to multiple states, so keep your eyes peeled because it is going to be amazing.  This game will be focusing more on a niche category of people rather than trying to compete with the other big lottery games like the Po. . .

3 Lotteries' Drawing Times Changed

Three mass lotteries’ drawing times have changed, and it is important that people know about this because it may come as a shock to them if the drawings do not happen as scheduled.  Another reason for this being important is the fact that the ticket. . .

Arkansas Lottery's 5th Anniversary

The Arkansas lottery is now enjoying it’s fifth anniversary, and since so many great things have come from the lottery, now is the perfect time to give a round up of these good things to see how far they have come. The first thing that is worth me. . .

Huge EuroMillions Jackpot Claimed

A syndicate (lotto pool) has claimed their immense winning of US $109.2 (€86.7) million on September 29th, but they have chosen to remain anonymous for now.  This has been confirmed by the National Lottery, so the facts are correct.  Something else. . .

$111 Million EuroMillions Jackpot Won

The EuroMillions winning ticket for $111 million was sold in Ireland, and it is the third biggest winning ever made in the country.  Do yourself a favour and realize just how much that amount of money is.  To put it in perspective for you, it is $111 00. . .

Frequent Lottery Winners Invstigated

The frequent lottery winners of the Ohio lottery are now being investigated, and for very good reason.  It seems that the top winners in the last decades have claimed hundreds of large prizes, and even though this is so unbelievable and it seems to defy . . .

Ontario Lottery Being Sold To Highest Bidder

One of the biggest things to happen in Canadian lottery has recently come to light, and since it is all over the Internet, it may be safe to assume that you most probably already know about the ordeal.  If not, the short of the long of it is that the pro. . .

$149M Mega Millions Jackpot Claimed By Couple

A couple from Pennsylvania finally came forward to claim their $149 million Mega Millions jackpot for a ticket that they purchased in May.  The couple bought the ticket in White Oak with the idea of winning such a large jackpot only being part of their w. . .
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